Use Your Senses

In this date you’re going to be testing all of your partners senses! A fun thing about this date is it can be done any time! We chose to make this a Sunday afternoon date looking out on Terra Ceia Bay together.

The senses date is SO easy to plan and its going to be a lot of laughs between you and your partner! We seriously did not stop laughing for an hour!

We chose to do taste, touch, and smell. We went to the grocery store together then went our separate ways to buy our “secret ingredients” so that the other could not see what we were planning. A lot of the things we already had at home but there were a few things that we both wanted that we didn’t already have to make it more fun and a little bit harder!

We chose to do three secret foods for each category, but you can choose as many or as few as you want! The only other thing that you need is a blind fold and you are ready to have some fun quality time with your favorite person!

A note from Kelsey: “I love that this date takes very little planning and its something you can do with things that you already have in the house if you can get creative! We took a couple minutes to prep our secret ingredients while the other person sat out on the porch and blind folded them self. Then we had so much fun laughing at the weird smells like vinegar and squishy feeling things. I put a raw egg in a bowl for one of Tylers feel foods and saved it for last but his reaction was absolutely hilarious to both of us, he was such a good sport! It’s such an easy way to do something a little different with your favorite person! Tyler was definitely the winner, but I’m planning to make a come back next time!”

A note from Tyler: “This was a little terrifying, but it was really fun! You can be as nice or mean as you want in your food choices. Its a little scary getting something put in your mouth that could be flan or it could be whip cream, so to the men I highly recommend being nice with this date! It was interesting to see how losing your sight and relying on only your other senses can make even normal food really difficult to guess!”

Here are some ideas for you! These are the things we chose for each category!

Smell: cheese, cinnamon bagel, rice vinegar, orange, taco sauce, sesame seed oil

Taste: pudding, frozen banana, raw pasta, apple granola bars, whip cream, cajun turkey

Feel: pimento cheese, apple, potato, orange slices, kiwi, raw egg

These are the things that we chose but you can do what ever you want based on what you like! We just had a rule of no raw meat so when Tyler had to feel a raw egg I was dying laughing! You can be as nice or as tricky as you want! (;

This is a lot harder than you might think! Get your secret ingredients together, grab a scarf or blind fold and see who has the better senses. Be sure to send us photos of you and your favorite person with all of your own secret ingredients!

You can see videos of our reactions and guesses during the senses date on instagram here! You can also read about how to create your own cocktail, or how to make the most romantic dinner date!

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