Romantic Vineyard Wedding

Sunstone Winery- Santa Ynez, California

Tamris and Jackson

This year has been the year of small intimate weddings, sometimes whether couples wanted to or not. However, I think there is something so special about having a small intimate wedding. Something about the entire day feels so intentional and romantic at smaller weddings. The couple is free to be completely present in every moment of the day.

The best things about a small wedding, to me, is that you spend much more time on your wedding day with your new spouse. It’s also a plus that you also get to spend more quality time with all of your guests who are your favorite people in your life. It also allows for some creativity with making things more personalized. Scroll down to see the gorgeous hand made cutting boards at each seat for dinner.

Another pro that I have learned over this past year of small weddings is that it tends to feel more relaxed. Although it may be difficult to stay totally relaxed on any wedding day, when you have planned for months and just want it to be the perfect day, it does tend to feel like there is a little less pressure because you are able to sit and have a full conversation rather than having people line up to talk to you, or you feel rushed to speak to all of your guests.

Another little plus for couples is that we have a little more free time for husband and wife portraits after the ceremony, and we also love bride and groom portraits before the ceremony for the first look which is always one of our most favorite and special moments of the day.

If you’re looking for a big dance party then you may want to invite your most outgoing friends to dance with you if there are only a few people. Otherwise you may still want the big party with lots of guests, which we also love on a wedding day!

What ever your wedding day looks like, small or large, colorful or natural tones, outdoor or indoor, romantic or rustic, all that matters is that it is what you want to celebrate starting your new life together as a couple.

These two were so sweet and we could not get enough of the joy and love that was radiating from them every second of the day!

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