Surprise Beach Engagement

Madi & Andrew

St. Augustine, FL

Everything is all set for the proposal to be the perfect surprise. Andrew had the spot picked out in the most romantic place at the edge of the water. He had the perfect ring that Madi had mentioned liking almost four years ago, and as the sun started to set, he was going to ask her to be his wife.  The setting was in St. Augustine, where they had gone on their first vacation together. 

Those who know Madi know she is one of the most easy going and kind people you will ever meet. Andrew is so thoughtful and it was so fun to watch him be so intentional in trying to make every detail perfect for this special moment that is the beginning of the rest of their lives together. 

The first time Madi and Andrew went to St. Augustine together they were strolling through all of the adorable shops, when they decided to go into a jewelry store. They jokingly sent a photo of an engagement ring on Madi’s finger to their families and said they were engaged! It is such a funny memory that the families still joke about! 

When all the plans went off the rails Andrew’s wonderful heart really showed as he rolled with all the changes to his carefully thought out plan.

This time the engagement was real and it was on a beautiful night with perfect light and a gorgeous white sand beach in their favorite place. Here are a few of our favorites from Andrew and Madi’s surprise engagement.

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