A Letter to San Antonio

San Antonio, our very first travel assignment! We packed up everything we own into a little storage unit in South Carolina and the four of us trecked across the country to Texas pulling our little U-haul. We were so nervous. Why did we just pack up our entire life for a life on the road? Was this a good decision? We have two toddlers, what if this doesn’t work out? This is such a good opportunity to travel to places we may not otherwise go as a family. This is such a fun way for our kids to see lots of new places. These were all things floating in our minds as we excitedly but also nervously made our two day trip from our home town that held our friends, family, and stable jobs to go to a completely new place where we didn’t know anyone.

We were definitely nervous. This was such a big change from everything we had always known.

Starting travel nursing was easily the scariest decision we made, and it was the absolute BEST!

When we got to San Antonio it was morning and our rental house was not going to be ready until afternoon so I quickly googled something for us to do with the kids. Wildlife Ranch caught my eye because Peyton is obsessed with animals and says she wants to be a “puppy doctor for all the animals” daily. We set the GPS to take us there and spent the entire day seeing and feeding all of the amazing animals freely roaming 100 acres in the middle of town. It was the best start to our time in Texas that we could’ve imagined.

While in Texas we also discovered something called HEB. If you’re not from Texas then you’re probably like us and have never heard of such a place. HEB is THE grocery store. I laughed when I heard another nurse raving about how we need to go and visit this grocery store because I just didn’t understand. HEB is kind of like if target, Costco, and the mall food court all somehow made a baby. That is HEB and Sushi Wednesday’s became a weekly occurrence for us. We do miss our sushi Wednesday’s and our HEB Houston blend coffee, yum!

Things you need to do in San Antonio:

  1. Go to Wild Life Ranch: its absolutely huge and so much fun
  2. Get some BBQ at B Daddy’s BBQ: its amazing and after we discovered it, we went back several times because its in the running for the absolute best BBQ we have ever had!
  3. Go to the Pearl District: it’s a little brewery district with some cute shops and food, you won’t be dissapointed!
  4. Walk around the Japanese Tea Garden: It’s free! The kids loved seeing the fish and of course the waterfall
  5. San Antonio Zoo: if you have kiddos this is a really good zoo to visit! We went for halloween so we all dressed up from Beauty and the Beast.
  6. Go to the Riverwalk: We got to see the riverwalk all lit up with Christmas lights and it is very romantic feeling
  7. Go HIKING: Y’all I have never seen more deer in my life than we did in San Antonio. There was a park with trails about 5 minutes from our house that we went to almost every day and we would always see at least 10 deer, it was insane! I would visit my deer that I named Amelia, she always had lots of babies around her and she had a little grey marking on her head. Amelia saw us so much that she would come right up to me. Our favorite hike was at Garner state park about an hour away.
  8. Take a day trip to Fredicksburg wine country
  9. Go to Sea World: because who doesn’t love Orcas?
  10. Visit Corpus Christi for a near by day at the beach

It was in San Antonio that we started this travel journey and we are so thankful that we started here. Everyone we met was so friendly (even in a pandemic) and it was the perfect place for us to just wake up in the morning and choose something new to explore for the day. Here Peyton slept in a big girl bed for the very first time, Weston learned (a couple times the hard way) how to go up and down the stairs, we learned that you can cook literally anything in an air fryer or an instant pot, and it was here that we had our very first Christmas on the road with sweet 2 year old Peyton and 1 year old Weston.

Here are some of our adventures in San Antonio. Next we go to Vegas Baby!

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