fun-loving, adventurous, trustworthy, in love

Kelsey & tyler richard

1. I have a sweet tooth that is never satisfied... is that cake?
2. I'm a big baseball fan, However if a sport can be watched with family, friends, and food count me in!
3.I love anything outdoors
4. Adrenaline Junkie
5. The greatest day of my life is convincing Kelsey to marry me
6. If a two year old asks you to wear a crown and play tea party... you definitely do it!
7. Weston inherited my 'need for speed' and now I am starting to understand why my parents were always worrying. 
8. If you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, but teach a man to fish and he will constantly beg his wife to go fishing
9. We have two wonderful children and they make me forever grateful to my parents for raising me to be who I am today
10. If my wife can think it, I can build it. I now have a love hate relationship with Pinterest.

fixes anything • trustworthy


1. Red velvet cheesecake is my weakness
2. I LOVE to read.... there's not many books I wont try. 
3. There is nothing better than coffee. Usually I just drink good ole' black coffee, but I like something fun every now and then.
4. The best 'me' time is a good book and a bubble bath
5. Any movie staring Jennifer Anniston is a must watch.
6. I cant cook... anything. Luckily Tyler is a great cook!
7. I am saved by God's grace and I strive to love people the way that He loves me. 
8. I am always ready for another trip to Disney.
9. Every year I decorate for Christmas on November 1st. It is my favorite time of year.
10. Having fresh flowers in the house is the best! Thankfully, Tyler gets them for me all the time!

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