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It’s cocktail night! Tyler and I were feeling very tropical this week because we just booked our trip to Grand Cayman to start off next year and we’re super excited to spend eight days on the beach and floating in the clear blue water together. 

When it comes to vacation spots, we love to always try new places. No matter where we go it’s always our favorite to vacation next to a gorgeous beach or lake and bask in the sun, snorkel, go boating, or just float. I don’t know about you but there’s just something about the water that calls to us for vacations (or maybe we’ve been watching too much Moana with Peyton)! 

So long story short we love the crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean and that inspired our very tropical feeling date night!

For this date you can create your own cocktail or go out and let a professional do the hard work! I’ll be honest I don’t recommend using pineapple syrup, we tried it and it just wasn’t for me! Our first drink was NOT good! We’re not in the running to be the bartender on your next cruise haha!

But it sure was fun to get the shakers out and try to act all professional! I’m sure y’all will be much better than us! 

We did learn a spoon trick online to make them look pretty and after a little trial and error we found a combination that we actually liked with rum, fruit juices, grenadine, and of course our fancy fruit garnishes! 

Don’t forget to give your new creation a name! (I named ours Devotion Potion lol!) 

Then we took them to the back porch, watched a gorgeous sunset, and went back in time a little with a game of would you rather. 

You can also make this a night out! 

We recently went to a completely new bar and let the bar tender make us three completely different versions of how people could make a Mai Tai and had so much fun watching him flip bottles and make us surprise cocktails! 

A note from Kelsey: This date was super fun to get a Caribbean feel at home! (Cue bongo music haha!) I also like to get all dressed up and go out with Ty, but it doesn’t happen often so it’s just fun to do something new with him whether we go out or stay in, trust me this one brings on the laughs! You can look up ideas to learn how to make your favorite drink from your honey moon or come up with something totally new on your own and give it a name! Either way, get creative and have fun together!

A note from Tyler: This is obviously a date intended for a 21+ audience, if you are underage we do not recommend this date, yet. This can be a good way to laugh over the small things in life. We “spiced” it up a little bit and put a little wager on who could make the prettiest drink. When she lost, we went double or nothing on which tasted the best. She took the L again. As with all of or dates it’s never about who wins or looses (even though I did beat her both times haha). Its about dancing around the kitchen and listing to music and endless laughs that make the special moments.

You can get dressed up and go out or make your own creation and stay in! What ever you do be open to new things and just have fun! Send us your fun new cocktail names! 

Click here to find a fun way to add dessert to your date night! 

We love sharing our heart with y’all through this and giving you fun ways to connect with your favorite person! Check back every Friday for a fun new date idea! 

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