Love Letters

We believe that marriage is the beginning of the very best part of your life, that doesn’t mean every day is perfect but life is so much better together. We have grown so much since the day we said “I do” on that gorgeous beach in St. Thomas. We have cried, and laughed, and learned so much about one another. The love letters date can be done in several different ways but the goal is to make your person feel all of the love and appreciation you have to give them.

When we first got married we were only 22 years old. Now years later, we have gotten Ty down a mountain with a broken leg (moments after this polaroid photo was taken below), we have been through learning how to be parents (still learning on that one!), we have moved across the country (a few times now), we have tough times and the absolute best times. I honestly think that learning to love and appreciate each other when things are not easy has helped us grow even closer and it all started with love letters.

Tyler and I started writing letters to each other a few years ago. It started with little notes on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker that we would write back and fourth to each other (we still do that sometimes, its a nice little surprise to wake up to a little encouraging message to start the day). (: Over time it has grown into love letters on holidays and birthdays, and to writing down our favorite memories, and little love letter scavenger hunts.

About two years ago after our church’s marriage day, I learned something about Tyler that had never even occurred to me before. To me hearing “I love you” means so many things and it makes my heart so happy, it makes me feel loved. For Ty, he knows that I love him. Thats not to say that he doesn’t like to hear it because he does, don’t get me wrong here but he would rather feel appreciated and recognized. For me to say things like “thank you” or “I appreciate you for…” mean a lot to him in our relationship. This seems like a small thing but it has made a world of difference for us to speak each others “language”.

We have done this date in so many ways. We have written each other a full on love letter, we have done a challenge of writing each other little encouraging notes on the mirror every day, we have just made short little notes like “I love you because…” into a scavenger hunt. Most recently we wrote each other notes about our favorite memories and it brought all the feels y’all!

A note from Tyler: This was a very unique and fun date to do. When we last did it we used some of our favorite old memories as clues to find where the next note would be. It seems a little hard at first but making the connections between memories and clues did not take long to click . Reminiscing on small meaningful memories is the easiest way to fall in love all over again. The best part was watching the reaction and wheels turn in Kelseys mind as she too had to recall the memories to solve the clues! Truth be told she made hers way more difficult than mine but it was still an amazing time. I love getting to fall in love with my best friend over and over again.

A note from Kelsey: Writing each other little love letters does not have to be hard. it can be as simple as writing little memories that make you happy, or telling your spouse what you appreciate about them. I love to do this because you can look back on it forever and see how much you’ve grown together, and it’s such an easy way to show your partner that you’re thinking of them and you care.

Write your spouse a little encouraging note on the mirror, write them a little love note, or write them a love letter with some of your favorite memories or dreams for the future. When you read it let that love fill your whole day with happiness.

See us doing the love letter scavenger hunt at the bottom, and come back every Friday for a new date night idea!

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