Our First Date

The sun is setting behind the mountains in the distance, there is a crisp chill in the October air.  In every direction you look there are colorful hot air balloons standing hundreds of feet into the air. It was a dreamy setting to be in! We held hands walking around the park looking at all the different types of balloons. There was every pattern and color imaginable and even different shapes than a traditional balloon. There was a giant eagle shape, a charlie brown with his pumpkin, and so many others. Who knew that there could be so many types of hot air balloons.  This was the first time I had even seen one in real life. They were much bigger and taller than I expected and the fire is literally right there above your head when you’re standing in the basket. We picked out our favorites and talked about places we would like to fly over. Personally I think the sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains is beautiful and so does Tyler. We didn’t go up in one, but hopefully someday we will. He has such a love for anything outdoors. We talked about how he loves the thrill of racing his four wheeler, and dreams for when we get out of school.

Not to mention my embarrassing experience of giving my first ever shot of insulin in nursing school clinical. If you have ever used an insulin pen (I clearly had not when I volunteered to be the one to do this) you know that when I gently placed the tip of the pen on the skin of my patient trying not to hurt him when I pushed the insulin in, it then ran down his arm because you have to press the pen firmly into the skin for it to work correctly. It was a very embarrassing lesson learned which Tyler so gently said not to worry, no one even noticed. Except it was the first time anyone in my clinical group had done this so all my peers were watching, but he continued to sweetly reassure me that I would do better the next time, and I did. 

Tyler and I had so much fun walking around in the park talking about everything we could think of and looking at all of the hot air balloons. When the sun finally fell behind the mountains, the balloons were just as beautiful in the dark. Now the fire was lighting up the colors across the dark field illuminating everything with the bright colors of the balloons. Tyler was so sweet and kind. I have always loved how he is always quick to offer anyone his help, even if he doesn’t have to. Like the man with too much to carry trying to carry four hot dogs and four drinks back to where the rest of his family was sitting. Tyler always jumps in to help someone. He has such a kind and giving heart. 

At the end of the night… of course it ended with a goodnight kiss, and Tyler invited me to see him race the next weekend. 

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Come back next week to read the full race day experience.

These are definitely not professional since they were taken on the first iPhone, but they are still cute. Here are some photos from our very first date together 🙂

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