How we met

You know that friend that has good intentions but they are ALWAYS trying to set you up? That friend that says “no you will just love him” then you get there and it’s a disaster. Well I have that friend and when we were in college, she really wanted me to meet Tyler. I was visiting her in Greenville while I was in nursing school at USC in Columbia, SC. She knew him from high school. I was not interested in being set up on a date. I had pretty much sworn off dating all together at this point in my life based on some past boyfriends, and the fact that I was super busy because nursing school is extremely demanding. 

So you know this friend right? That means you already know that she was not going to take no for an answer. So, the plan was to go to a four wheeler race and I stopped her there. What even is a four wheeler race? I had a four wheeler, so it didn’t sound like much fun to watch other people ride around on thiers. This is sounding worse and worse in my mind. 

But I went. And Tyler was in the race!? 

The first moment I met Tyler was right before the race started he came over to say hi to my friend and the other friends he knew there from high school. Tyler was blushing… but he didn’t say a word to me. He was so shy in that moment and it was really sweet. 

During the race, his four wheeler broke so he came back and sat with us. We bonded over our similar taste in country music (and Nickelback) then talked for hours. The very next day he invited me to go shoot discs on a cow farm. Did I mention although I spent my childhood in South Carolina, I lived two hours outside of Chicago in the suburbs of Illinois for the last 10 years of my life?! Tyler was the first true “southern gentleman” I ever met, and oh boy did we have fun together! 

When Tyler was teaching me how to shoot a shotgun at a disc, I would’ve never known we would fall in love. One of the things I immediately loved about Tyler is how respectful and trustworthy he is. He treats everyone, even strangers like they have been his friend his whole life (except the time a blonde girl made him speechless). As my friend taught me, A boy who treats his momma well is one that you keep! Tyler and I are so close to his family still today. 

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Here are some funny images from the day we met all that time ago!

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