Pavilion Maternity Session

Ariana and Brad Maternity Session

Ariana and I met when we were only 4 years old. We did everything together. We went to pre-school together. We did gymnastics together. We had sleepovers together, where we took care of a hundred of Ariana’s stuffed animals. Ariana has always had the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met. She is the most genuine, kind hearted girl I have ever known. Anyone who meets her just loves to be around her because you can’t help but to be happy when she’s around. I have been lucky enough to be her friend for more than 20 years. When she told me she was pregnant my heart just exploded with happiness for her because I knew that she would love that baby so well. 

It makes me think of when I was expecting for our sweet Peyton to arrive, becoming a new mom is such a special experience. I was filled with excitement and fear for how everything was about to change. As photographers, having two sweet babies ourselves, we love to meet new parents and relive the sweet feelings of excitement for when you are about to get to meet your baby and experience parenthood for the first time. While we were waiting, we tried to imagine which one of us Peyton would look like (Tyler for sure!), we tried to imagine the sound of her cry, we tried to imagine getting to hold her, and the feeling of her fingers holding on to just one of ours.  What Tyler and I didn’t know was we were about to fall in love with our new baby and each other even more than we ever could’ve known! Being new parents together has been one of our greatest adventures together. 

Ariana and Brad, We can not wait for you to meet your baby boy for the first time! After knowing Ariana for more than twenty years I can say with certainty that he is so lucky to have you two as his parents. He will always feel so loved. Thank you for being such troopers and being up for anything during this session, doing everything we asked you to do even when it sounded weird (but looked great!). I hope that when you look back on these you always remember the excitement and the love that you already have for this sweet baby boy! We can’t wait to meet him and watch our babies play together for many more years!

Here are the moments we got to capture of this growing family! Isn’t this mama GORGEOUS!?!?

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Baby Barrett’s Newborn Session

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