Nautical Newborn Session

Barrett Newborn Session

It is freezing cold. She felt the tears welling up in her eyes with excitement to meet her new baby boy and anxiety about the c-section that was not planned but about to happen after 20 long hours of labor. There are lots of people in masks walking around her beneath the bright white lights. Suddenly she can feel the warmth of Brads hand in hers. The feeling of warmth in her hand is the only thing she focuses on while everything seems to be moving so quickly around her. She feels safe with Brad there by her side like he always is. Then she hears it. The doctor announces that the baby is out, he has finally been born after all these months of waiting. A few seconds that feel like years pass by in silence. Then for the first time she hears her baby boy cry and she can’t hold back the tears in her eyes any more. She did it. Her baby boy is here. This was not the birth that they had planned but it didn’t matter because her perfect baby boy is finally here and he is healthy. This is Ariana and Brad’s story for the moment their sweet boy came into this world.

Ariana and Brad, I feel so lucky to have gotten to photograph you while Barrett was still growing in the belly while you were preparing for this sweet baby boy to arrive (See the maternity session here). The love you two have for each other is so sweet, and Barrett is so lucky to have the two of you as parents. He is so loved and no matter what I know he will always have the two of you by his side to hold his hand when he needs you. The newborn stage with your first baby is not always easy because things never seem to go as planned but you two have the sweetest heart and are doing a great job! I can remember coming home with our first baby and they grow up so fast! Peyton is already TWO! Don’t blink because this little cutie will be getting into all the things little boys love to do soon!

Here are a few of our favorites of this little cutie pie!!

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