Upstate Garden Family Session

Kirby Family

The Kirby family is so special to us. We met this sweet family in October when baby Jaxson was born. Jaxson was born at 24 weeks and he has overcome so many obstacles that have been set in front of him. I got to take care of Jaxson in the NICU for about four months. Being born this young is not easy, and Jaxson is a little fighter! I am so proud of this little boy! He is such a miracle!

Being a NICU nurse is such a blessing. I get to take care of the sweetest babies like Jaxson, and really get to know their family. Emily is just a little bit older than our daughter Peyton. I can remember when we brought Peyton Riley home from the hospital as first time parents, just looking at her thinking she was so perfect. It is the best and scariest feeling all at once to look at your new baby and wonder who they will grow up to be. Oh how time flies because now that tiny little girl loves to do all the things! She loves to brush her hair with Mommy, snuggle with Daddy, and play doctor giving us hugs and kisses to make us feel better!

Jaxson and Emily were so giggly and sweet! Jaxson gave us all of the smiles and Emily and Tyler bonded over a love for Mickey Mouse! Emily was really excited about the water fall that Ty took her to see at the end of our session together while I grabbed some sweet photos of Tiffany and Josh who were great sports even when we asked them to do some crazy things! Like we always say, feels weird but looks great! Watch out, those babies will be running around together and getting into everything before you know it!

Here are some of our favorites from our fun session together!

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