Valentines Day

There are a lot of warm and fuzzies floating around this time of year that can’t be ignored. Wether you spend you valentines day watching rom coms snuggled under a blanket, on a fun retreat in a beautiful location, or showing your devotion to the love of your life, you just can’t deny this feeling of love in the air. Even all of the grocery stores are full of red roses, gourmet chocolates and heart shaped balloons.

Let me tell you a story of how two of my favorite love birds knew they were meant to be together on valentines day.

“We knew each other our whole life growing up. We were neighbors, our parents not only worked together but also hung out together all the time. I always had the biggest crush on her but I didn’t want to tell her and ruin all of our pizza nights while our parents partied, going sledding in the winter, or watching movies in the theatre room while our parents entertained upstairs. In second grade when valentines was coming up, my mom ordered all of those little chocolates and cards to give to all of my friends at the academy. I knew that night I would see her, so I saved the most special one for her. In second grade shaking and nervous I asked her to be my valentine and she said yes. Ever since that day I have been saying yes to her. Saying yes to showing her that I am committed to making her happy, saying yes to showing her that I will provide for her, saying yes to showing her she is the most beautiful and important woman I will ever know. Thank goodness for second grade valentines, I’m the luckiest man in the world today because of them.”

This is exactly a reason we just can’t deny all of these warm and fuzzies that make me want to eat all of the gourmet chocolates and smile all day long!

Here are a few favorites of this gorgeous couple!

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