Romantic Bridal Session

With such a sweet and humble personality Brianna’s beauty is so much deeper than her stunning appearance. Beauty is such a funny thing because beauty on the inside is such a valuable thing to have and Brianna’s beauty shines as soon as you talk to her. When we talk to Brianna we can feel her warmth and kindness. She is so humble and kind. Reminds me of the country song Ty likes called Humble and Kind! That was an accident but I like it haha! No matter how many times I yell YESSS you are gorgeous, she still blushes and acts like I am just saying it to make her laugh. Because she has the absolute sweetest giggle laugh!

Brianna was such a trooper and would sweetly agree to hold all of the funny feeling poses that we put her in.

The more we travel and meet new people even in these weird times, we just keep being amazed at how wonderful everyone has been. In a world filled with such uncertainty and anxiety it can be easy to fall into thinking that most people are bad or unkind but we have found that is just not the case. Almost everyone we meet from brides, to family members and vendors, they are truly kind hearted people. Most people want to help someone when they can. Most people are going to smile at you (under their mask these days). Most people are just trying to have a good day. The world of COVID has been hard on everyone but there are still ways to show people love even if you can’t invite them over for dinner like you may have wanted to. You can still leave a kind note on their door, or bake cookies (if that’s your gift because Lord knows its not mine), you can still hold the door open for a stranger. Let’s extend a little extra love and grace to our friends and neighbors in this season, to try to make the world a little better.

Heres some photos of gorgeous Brianna to make your day a little bit brighter!

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