Dreamy Floral Houston Wedding

There is magic, love, and the smell of all of Grace’s favorite flowers in the air. All of the beautiful florals surrounding Grace and Cameron were not the only thing that made this day so magical. The look in their eyes as they joyfully looked at each other as everyone gathered around them said it all.

As Cameron looked deeply into Grace’s eyes he said to her “My love for you is not fragile. My love is not conditional. My love for you is strong and everlasting.”

In this moment everyones eyes sparkled with tears as they felt the passion and truth behind these words. There was a silence as they waited for Cameron to continue.

The next moments filled the room with such warmth as this beautiful couple glowed as they promised to love and cherish each other despite anything that came their way. They promised to fight and then make up, to explore and learn together, to always bring home cupcakes just to see her smile, and most importantly to make sure not a day goes by that she doesnt know that she is so loved and appreciated. There was a moment of silence as they soaked in this moment and all that it meant to them. There was so much excitement as they took their first kiss as a married couple and made their way back toward us together.

There is so much beauty in seeing the true love that they hold for each other. Here are a few moments that we got to capture.

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