Summer Field Maternity Session

Goldie Family | South Carolina

If anyone ever said “all for the photo” this would be the time! It was hot. There was mosquitoes. But all that really matters is we made such sweet memories of this beautiful growing family.

Sera and Chris had one of the hottest photo sessions of September but they were such troopers! Pretty soon they will be a family of four adding another sweet boy to their family! I can not wait to meet sweet little Sullivan! Jackson is so full of love and energy, when he was not running around (fast like his favorite characters Sonic and Shadow) he was giving his momma and his baby brother all the hugs and kisses!

This makes me remember when we were bringing Weston into our family and how when we would tell Peyton at only one year old that she had a baby brother on the way and he was growing in Mommy’s belly! She had no idea how her world would change when he got here but now a year later they are the best of friends and I love seeing their friendship grow. I know that Jackson will be a great friend to Sully, just like Peyton is to Wes! It will be so fun watching them play together, and it wont be long because Sully will be so excited to get started playing with his big brother as soon as he can!

Usually I (or Tyler probably) am the one getting the kids to smile but instead Jackson was making me laugh this entire session! He was yelling brisket and so many other funny words for a kid his age while he was smiling! He is so smart it is amazing! Sully will be truly blessed with Jackson for a big brother to show him all the finer things in life, including all the lego building!

Sera and Chris, you two are such wonderful parents to Jackson and I know you will be great with Sully too! You are so patient and loving I know they will grow to be too. I loved seeing the love that you two share. Hearing Chris talk about his beautiful wife and seeing him look at you with such love in his eyes is why I love to do what I do. You two have such a strong love and Jackson and Sully are so lucky to get to grow up learning from you.

Here are a few of our favorites from our time together!

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