Let Sparks Fly

We decided to share this date next because so many of our friends live in places that are super cold and snowy right now so this is a fun and warm date to snuggle in to your hunny!

With traveling we rent airbnb’s a lot! We live in them for about three months at a time until we choose a new place to go and explore. Our last home was in Texas and we could still do this even though we didn’t have a fire place there like we do here in Vegas!

Something that we both did growing up as kids was go camping! Kels grew up tent camping and my family always went camping with all the camping gear in a camper (with a shower which Kels is still a little jealous of but she denies!)

One of our favorite memories about camping is after a long day of tubing behind the boat and swimming in the lake we would always sit around a camp fire and laugh and tell stories with our family while we cooked the staple camping dessert – s’mores!!

This date can be as romantic or nostalgic as you choose! We love lighting some extra candles and playing some fun songs while we talk about our favorite camping trips or what we would eat if we were stranded in the wilderness alone. Kels wouldn’t make it but I could catch a squirrel and make it until I found my way home! HAHA I love her but she should probably never sign up for survivor y’all.

Heres what you need for this date: S’mores ingredients (I like to use Reeses cups instead of Hershey’s but Kels still loves the traditional Hershey’s chocolates on hers!), music, a comfy place to sit, and fire!

There are lots of ways you can cook your marshmallows, you can use your fire place, an outdoor fire pit, or grab some heat in a can to cook them inside from target or amazon!

A note from Kelsey: This date is so fun and romantic! I love to decorate the room with tons of extra candles to make it feel more intimate. We have done this in so many ways. We have made pillow forts in the living room while we do this and talk about some of our embarrassing childhood memories, we have snuggled in by the fire place, we have made each other eat what ever S’more (burnt or not) that the other person made for them, and made so many fun memories together with this date. What ever you do it’s just nice to have some fun and get to laugh together.

A note from Tyler: The best part about this date was goofing off like we used to when we were kids around a bon fire back home. With two toddlers its not always easy to get some quiet time with my wife which is why we have to make the most of it when we do! Laughing and talking about the best way to make a s’more or who can roast the best marshmallow is always a fun competition. I am also the genius behind the receese cup s’mores and if you love chocolate and peanut butter you should give it a shot! Throw in a little red wine and feeding each other the s’mores, it seemed like we could have been royalty. We may not have a fire pit like back home but I think I like it even more with the indoor campfire!

Grab your supplies and get to indoor camping, we can’t wait to hear about your campfire stories. Make sure to tag us so we can share in the fun with you and look for a fun video of us doing this date on Kelsey’s IGTV here or scroll to the bottom to see a few photos of us the last time we did this date together!

Read about another one of our favorite date nights called the Blind Baker here! Check back every Friday for a new date idea for you to try with your favorite person!

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