Upstate South Carolina Senior Session

Nick Marshall

Nick is very special to me because he is my baby brother. For his entire life he has been known to me as Nicky, and I doubt that will ever change. Even though he is in college now, I still remember the tan little six year old boy who played outside from sun up to sun down. I even used to babysit Nicky and some of the other kids who lived on our street. It reminds me of our cul de sac parties, group kick ball tournaments, building snow forts, leaving skittles inside to stain the snow, and jumping on the trampoline in the dark catching fireflies. We even had a pony at one of our cul de sac parties! I also convinced Nicky that I could help him do a backflip on our trampoline. Luckily he trusted me and he learned how to do a perfect back tuck (after only a few face plants)! I wonder if he can still do it?!  Nicky and I are so lucky to have such great memories growing up together. 

He has grown up to be a very good and kind hearted man, not to mention the very fun uncle! Peyton and Weston are lucky to have an uncle who will build sand castles all day long while each one gets smashed by the kids! He also plays airplane over and over lifting the kids up because each time is just as fun as the time before so they never want it to end. He is such a great sport! 

Now “Nick” is not so little anymore, I am pretty sure he has actually been taller than me since he was fifteen years old hah! He is studying Industrial Technology at Heartland College. After college, he plans to move back to South Carolina. Maybe I should get a trampoline before he gets here to see if he can still do that backflip!

We had so much fun taking these photos of Nick.  He has such a great genuine smile! Here are a few of our favorites. 

  1. Corey Schieler says:

    Congratulations Nick! It was great being your next door neighbor all those years! Love, Pam & Corey

  2. boostaro says:

    Thank you so much!

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