Southern Cotton Field Family Session

South Carolina Family Photography

Hill Family

One of our favorite things about photographing families is the ability to freeze moments in time so they can be re-lived over and over. The most precious moments with young kids seem to fly by so quickly! We know all too well that our kids are growing more every day and cute little Miles is certainly no different. We had so much fun with this family! The Hills are kind, easy going, generous, and fun. We were yelling MICKEY for almost every shot or bribing Miles with high fives to get him to smile, and he was loving it! At the end he got to climb around with Tyler while we got a few shots of just mom and dad! 

Caroline and Scott thank you for being so much fun. It was easy to get great photos of all the giggles while we played Mickey and gave giant high-fives! We enjoyed getting to work with such a sweet, easy going family here’s a few of our favorites!

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