Game Night

One of our favorite date nights is game night. You may not live in Vegas like we do now, but you don’t have to be in Las Vegas to have a fun date night!

You can have friends over for a little friendly competition or just play it with the two of you for a night full of laughs and banter. After all Kels is the all time headbands champion!

Traveling across the country with two kiddos is a lot of fun but we don’t get a lot of date nights to ourselves when our family is a thousand miles away. To get some alone time, we love to wait until the kiddos go to bed at eight and get a little time relaxing with a glass of wine, a game to try to beat each other at and just joking and laughing together.

We don’t actually bring any games with us except for a deck of cards so game nights sometimes have to get creative, but sometimes they are easy when the homes we rent leave games in the house for the guests. Our Vegas home has lots of games so its fairly easy to just pick one out and get to playing.

When we don’t have any games we have to go a little old school. Talk to your spouse about what your favorite games were as children. You can alway re-create your favorite childhood game or use a new one. We can tear up pieces of paper and write out our own charades, or headbands topics. (A glass of wine always goes great with these silly games)

If you want to up the ante then you can make a little wager for something like picking your favorite dinner or desert. Loser does the dishes is always really serious in our house because we both hate doing dishes! We will boy cot them until the sink is literally full and one of us has to do it!

When we have friends over we love to play card games where we can sit around the table and talk. It doesnt really matter if you’re good at cards, it’s all about bonding! We just play easy games like spades or black jack.

A note from Kelsey: I was never a big card player but as soon as I got to experience the fun and laughs that Tyler and I have experienced with each other, and with our friends and family it has been our go to ever since. Invite a few friends over, learn some new games and give it a try because the memories of the laughs and banter that happen around the table are so worth it!

A note from Tyler:

Some fun photos from a few games we found in our Las Vegas rental home. We can’t wait to hear about your fun, even if you have to go old school and make your own game and what you win in your friendly wagers.

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