Cozy Southern Cabin Photo Session

Alivia and Justin

We could not be more excited to share these photos of Alivia and Justin! These were extra special because I have been lucky enough to know Alivia for a couple years now. We first met when I started working in the PICU. She was the crazy person who would work for six days of twelve hour shifts in a row! We first bonded over our love for Disney when you were basically our travel queen while we were trying to learn all the things you MUST know about Disney before you go.

Carly is going to be the cutest little Disney princess, I know Peyton has about five million princess dresses and we must wear each one every single time we play dress up. According to her it is very important that all of the dolls and animals also have on their princess outfits and crowns to come to our tea party spa day. I can only imagine the sweet little moments that you will soon be having with Carly! In the time I have know you I have learned so much from you my friend, and I am so excited to be able to see you two getting ready to welcome little Carly into the world.

Alivia I have seen you give selflessly to so many children in the short time I was able to work along side you. You have such a kind and empathetic heart. I know you are going to be an amazing mother and we are so so excited for the two of you in this new journey.

Here our some of our favorites from the beautiful cabin property:

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