Spartanburg SC Studio Mommy & Me Photo Session

Kalin & Jackson

Happy Mothers Day sweet Mama!!

We were so excited to get to do a Mommy and Me session with sweet little Jackson and his mom Kalin! At just 6 months old, Jackson is so sweet and easygoing. He was happy with being held and bounced until it was time to eat, then after a little snack, he was all smiles again. I was having all the baby feels holding this little cutie!

This baby stage is one of my favorites because they are just starting to explore and learn, and understand so much! Jackson is learning sign language which is so much fun to practice with babies. I remember my excitement when Peyton started communicating to me with signs, and the things that she wanted at that age. It goes by so quickly, so savor all these moments with your precious boy! I wish I could bottle that baby smell!

Kalin, I am so excited we got to capture these sweet memories with you and little Jackson! Here are some of our favorites from our time with you.

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