Early Spring Garden Photo Session

Cummings Family Photos

We had so much fun going on an adventure though this garden with this fun little family. Ashley is a NICU nurse and her brother Johnny is a paramedic so we were definitely safe if Tyler or I fell out slipping on one of those prickly sweet gum balls.

We were so lucky that it warmed up and the sun came out, but Ashely was the one who really toughed it out still rocking that gorgeous flowy dress when it was still only 60 degrees! Brayden was on the hunt for some flowers, which is not easy to do when it’s not very warm out, but he was very determined and probably found every flower and squirrel in the entire garden.

Siblings always seem to have an extra special bond. I have a younger brother and I remember when we were growing up we would always play together then get into arguments when Nicky would hide in my room waiting for me to come in so he could jump out and scare me, but its all part of that special bond you have when you love your sibling. We could definitely tell that Ashley and Johnny have that same special bond and always have each others backs when it really counts.

Ashley and Johnny, we had so much fun adventuring though the garden with you and even playing model a little bit! Here are some of our favorites from our time together.

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